Travel Brand

Gauging travel intent & influencing brand preference.

The Mission

A popular hotel chain wanted to find people traveling to Las Vegas and influence them to consider staying at one of their hotels. If travelers were not interested, the brand sought to gather valuable feedback around why.

The Action Plan

  • Build a Las Vegas-bound zero party audience via ViralGains' surveys.

  • Gauge travelers' brand consideration with in-ad or post-ad surveys.

  • Understand the reasons why people were not likely to consider the hotel brand.

  • Create zero party audiences for sequential messaging or suppression in future ad campaigns.

The ViralGains Difference

More Accurate Audiences

Pre-launch, ViralGains used its Likert Survey to build a zero party audience of people who were somewhat to very likely to visit Las Vegas in the next 3 months. This created an additional, and more accurate, audience pool for the brand to use alongside third party travel segments.

Interactive Ads Measuring Intent 

ViralGains’ added interactive elements to the ad along with an in-video Likert Survey asking viewers how likely they were to book with the hotel. This enabled viewers to click through to the brand’s website more quickly and provided the brand with valuable intent-based audience segments. 

Optimized Ad Distribution

ViralGains used proprietary VoiceAlike® AI to predict responses for the video ad viewers who saw the survey, but didn’t answer, and sequentially messaged those with mid-high intent with display ads across their network.

Real-Time Consumer Insights

ViralGains’ ability to follow-up with a secondary survey asking why someone was unlikely to book with the hotel armed the brand with valuable insights to potentially inform acquisition strategy in future campaigns. 

Key Findings

  • 50,000+

    survey responses

  • 10%

    Point Lift in Booking Intent

  • 43%

    said they were likely/very likely to book with the brand

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