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Zero Party Data

ViralGains empowers brands to better understand consumer sentiment with privacy-friendly zero party data - information a consumer voluntarily shares with a brand.

Make ads & content conversational

Every digital impression is an opportunity to start a relationship with a consumer. Brands can ask consumers a question within an advertisement and then respond with content related to their answer. This kind of  information is known as zero party data. 

ViralGains makes it easy to transform your ads and web content into these types of interactive, dynamic experiences, while collecting valuable zero party data.

Personalize, without being creepy

72% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs*, but they don’t want brands secretly following them. Zero party data solves for this because it’s based on information consumers choose to share.

Gather insights straight from the source

Instead of assuming what people might be interested based on their web behavior, just ask in your ads or web content!

Common question topics include:

  • Brand Perception
  • Consumer Preferences
  • Consideration or Intent
  • Product Fit

Improve targeting with zero party audiences

Activate ViralGains’ Zero Party Audiences across your technology stack to improve relevance and performance by targeting people who answered your most important qualifying question. You also have the option to scale our zero party audiences with ViralGains’ VoiceAlike® Modeling.

These audiences drive more engagement and efficiency than other third and first party audiences for our customer’s.

Leverage our expertise

We’ve been helping brands with zero party data for over 10 years. Partner with one of our strategists to incorporate zero party data into your upcoming marketing efforts.

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