Video advertising technology built for business outcomes

The age of cheap impressions is over. It's time to build engaging consumer journeys that deliver real results to brands.
  • Create Authentic Connections

    Target the right people with the right message

  • Get Inside Consumers’ Heads

    Understand attitudes and behaviors

  • Hit Your Targets

    Use open data for insights and measurement

Create Authentic, Meaningful Connections with People

Don’t think of your campaigns as one-size-fits-all. Create a cohesive ad journey for your audience at every stage of the funnel.

  • Awareness

    Grab attention and make an impact.

  • Consideration

    Show consumers the products and services most tailored to their interests.

  • Conversion

    Serve your most engaged audiences ads created specifically to drive sales.

Have a Conversation: Get Inside Your Consumers’ Heads

Every person’s journey is different. ViralGains’ Engagement Experiences allow you to get customized, real-time feedback and put the data into action

  • Consumers watch a brand video ad and are invited to share their interests and reactions.

  • Consumers are retargeted with a relevant video based on their response to your previous ad.

Hit Your Targets with Real-Time, Open Data

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