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Understand how current and prospective customers feel about your brand the moment they see your ads. Personalize the brand experience in a privacy-friendly way by delivering relevant ads that speak to their feelings, interests and desires.

Build a campaign that adapts to your customers.

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    Which product or features do your customers care about?

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    Did your ads sway customers away from your competitors?

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    Did your campaign drive purchase intent?

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ViralGains helps you answer those questions and more by placing the voice of the customer at the center of your digital ad strategy.

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Define strategies that bring your brand closer to its business objectives and move customers predictably down the funnel


Reach your target audiences wherever they consume content—across placements, devices and formats with Zero-Party Ads.


Capture zero-party data and understand how your audience feels about your brand, products, and services


Equipped with intelligence like customer sentiment, you can automatically respond with more relevant ads that drive business outcomes


Maximize your media investments.

Create Interactive Experiences

Captivate your audience with customizable Engagement Cards and dynamic interactions that drive action and capture consumer sentiment as zero-party data.

Uncover Consumer Insights

Understand how viewers feel about your brand, product or services in real-time so you can make fast, informed optimizations. Our dashboards help you track important metrics like brand lift, creative performance, and consumer sentiment.

Unlock Custom Audiences

Enrich 1st , 2nd and 3rd party audiences with zero-party data gathered in your ads in order to provide a more personalized brand experience. You also have the option to scale audiences with our VoiceAlike® AI and turn advertising impressions into actionable audiences for use across platforms.

Create. Automate. Analyze. All from one place.

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Creative Studio

Transform ads and content into interactive brand experiences using our proprietary Engagement Card templates, customizable hotspots and dynamic interactions

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VoiceAlike® AI

Scale zero-party audiences by leveraging our proprietary artificial intelligence to predict responses to questions that address your unique goals. Activate VoiceAlike® Audiences via ViralGains Odyssey™ or push them to a platform of your choice via LiveRamp.

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ViralGains Brand Lift Study

Get actionable insights fast by monitoring the brand health metrics that matter most in real time. Measure lift in favorability, consideration, intent, and more based on declared feedback via ViralGains Surveys.

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Real-time Advanced Reporting

Granular reporting on a variety of dimensions and metrics including voice of the customer data

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Journey Triggers® & Orchestration

Dispatch customers on a personalized ad journey and automatically create custom zero-party audiences based on their feedback.

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Media Activation

Our independent platform enables you to choose activation partners- whether it be via our integrated demand-side-platforms or other third parties.

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Premium Protection

Access pre-bid brand safety and fraud protection from DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Moat, and many more via our integrated demand-side-platforms

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