Technology Brand

Driving Brand Affinity Among Different Target Audiences

The Mission

A leading smart voice assistant brand sought to drive brand love through video ads among four different target audiences – retired singles, busy working parents, young millennials, and aspirational suburban families.

The Action Plan

  • Drive brand affinity among target audiences with English and Spanish language video ads

  • Gauge brand perception by seamlessly integrating ViralGains Surveys into the video ads

  • Understand reasons why people are hesitant to try the product

The ViralGains Difference

Real-Time Consumer Insights

1/3 of the 58,000 people who responded to the in-ad survey felt that the brand made a difference in their lives and 80% of people with low brand affinity were hesitant to consider the product because they didn’t need one or had privacy concerns.

Built-In Brand Lift Measurement

ViralGains’ Brand Lift Study compared brand lift across creatives and audiences which helped them understand the impact their videos had on consumer sentiment.

Fast Optimizations with VoiceAlike® 

ViralGains created VoiceAlike® Audiences based on people who responded positively to the in-video brand surveys and then sequentially messaged them which helped drive brand lift for the overall campaign.

Key Findings

  • 80%


  • 9%

    Absolute Lift in Brand Perception

  • 0.8%

    Engagement Rate

Interested in seeing how brand lift differed among the key target audiences?

Download the case study.