Brand Lift Study

Measure and optimize the impact that your ads and content have on how consumers feel.

Get actionable insights, fast

Compare brand lift across creative, audiences, placements, and more. Our real-time dashboard enables you to confidently make optimizations quickly.

Capture sentiment when consumers engage with your brand

Seamlessly integrate your ViralGains survey during or right after your video ad to understand immediate sentiment.  Or use a stand-alone display survey to understand how your target consumers feel before or after a campaign.

Choose the metrics that matter

ViralGains surveys are fully customizable so you can choose the questions that have the most impact on your campaigns. Popular metrics include:

  • Brand or product familiarity
  • Brand perception
  • Brand value alignment
  • Brand consideration
  • Purchase intent

Flexible dashboard for cross-platform media measurement

Measure the impact of your brand ad campaigns or marketing content across different platforms. Easily customize the Brand Lift Dashboard to see real-time consumer sentiment across a variety of dimensions.

We'll Help You Every Step of the Way

  1. 1. Choose a question

  2. 2. Select a survey template

  3. 3. Submit for creative design

  4. 4. Launch & measure