B2B Software Brand

Finding and Influencing Prospective Software Customers

The Mission

A data visualization software company sought to find and engage prospective users and decision makers through advertising. Given their advanced visualization features and easy-to-use interface, video was the ideal medium to convey the benefits of their software.


The Action Plan


  • Encourage consumers to engage with the video via interactive calls-to-action

  • Gauge brand perception at the end of the video using a ViralGains survey

  • Build and model Zero Party Audiences of people with neutral-positive brand perception to activate across digital partners

The ViralGains Difference

Zero Party Data

ViralGains’ interactive video enabled the brand to:

  • Gather real-time insights
  • Measure brand lift
  • Create Zero Party Audiences

Audience Modeling

ViralGains scaled Zero Party Audiences using two models:

  • VoiceAlike® to nurture ad viewers with positive perception
  • Lookalike to find new audiences with similar attributes to respondents with positive brand perception

Audience Optimization

The brand activated ViralGains audiences across DSPs and LinkedIn to improve click-through rates, engaged leads and cost per engaged leads.

Key Findings

  • 93%

    higher VCR than their other partner – Google.

  • 44%

    More efficient cost per engaged session

  • 5.3%

    Absolute Lift in Brand Perception

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