IPG Media Lab & MAGNA

A Study on Improving Brand Perception

The Mission

IPG Media Lab & MAGNA wanted to improve brand favorability and trust across four brands within specific verticals—Finance, QSR, CPG, Travel.

The Action Plan

  • Identify consumers with low brand perception via in-ad surveys.

  • Show these audiences different ads or content designed to instill brand love.

  • Measure the impact that different ads or content have on brand favorability and trust.

The Video Ad

Finding Brand Fans…and Non-Fans

IPG used ViralGains’ Likert Survey to gauge brand sentiment immediately after the video ad. This enabled them to create two Zero Party Audience segments — viewers with positive brand sentiment and viewers with negative brand sentiment.

IPG Media Labs, MAGNA, ViralGains Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey

The Campaign

A Tale of Two Journeys

Sentiment-Driven Journey: IPG retargeted the Zero Party Audience segments with different ads based on how they felt about the brand. For example, people with positive sentiment received an ad encouraging them to take action while people with negative sentiment received an ad highlighting the brand’s corporate responsibility efforts.

Exposure-Driven Journey: IPG compared ViralGains technology to the typical way people serve sequential ads today—based on impressions or exposure to the ad, with no regard for how the person feels.

IPG Media Labs, MAGNA, ViralGains Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey

The Results

Comparing Brand Lift

The Sentiment-Driven Ad Journey — which leveraged ViralGains technology — drove an absolute lift of 18% in favorability and 16% lift in brand trust over the control.

The Exposure-Driven Journey only drove a 4% lift in favorability and 3% lift in brand trust.

With sentiment-driven journeys, brands can transform non-fans into fans by using the next best ad experience tailored to their feelings. This may require some testing, but feel-good ads – like corporate responsibility – may help.

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