Financial Services Brand

Optimizing Ad Campaigns with Zero-Party Data

The Mission

Connecting with Community

A regional bank sought to improve brand awareness, consideration and perception by using video to highlight their key differentiator from the national banks: a strong connection with the local community.

The Solution

Conversing with the Community via Ads

Their agency partnered with ViralGains in order to boost advertising performance by leveraging privacy-friendly zero-party data in ads. ViralGains enabled the bank to:

  • Create a custom segment of consumers who were in the market for a new checking account
  • Measure brand perception, values and consideration immediately after video ad completion 
  • Leverage zero-party data to optimize ad distribution in order to improve consumer engagement and brand consideration
Bank uses ViralGains survey in video ads to qualify viewers as in the market for a checking account

The Results

Created More Targeted Audiences

By adding the survey question “Are you in the market for a new checking account?” at the end of the video, ViralGains:

  • Optimized distribution to find 12.5% more in-market consumers 
  • Created a custom segment of In-Market Checking Account Consumers in LiveRamp, which drove the highest click-through rate on the brand’s Facebook ad campaign.

Improved Engagement Through Brand Value Alignment

ViralGains created three custom audience segments based on declared brand values – integrity, service & empathy. By aligning creative with the corresponding brand value audience segment, they doubled ad engagement. 

Increased Brand Consideration

The bank used a ViralGains survey to measure brand consideration immediately after the video ad and compared performance across target audiences and creatives. ViralGains used those insights to optimize distribution so by the end of the campaign, consideration increased by 8.3 percentage points. 

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