Financial Services Brand: Success Story

Driving positive brand lift over competition

Campaign Overview

A leading financial services company sought to use video to run a brand lift study, comparing performance across different platforms. The client targeted an affluent audience with a message that promoted its mobile and digital applications as a way of showing the sophistication of their brand.

First, the brand ran a head-to-head competition between YouTube, ViralGains, and other video advertising vendors looking to drive measurable brand lift for their premium banking product.

Next, the bank used an objective third party research partner to measure the lift, to ensure accuracy in the results. In early feedback, ViralGains began outperforming the other vendors with a significant lead.

Campaign Results

In the end, ViralGains was the only platform to drive positive brand lift, 9% ABOVE the competition, achieving a 4% brand lift overall. The others vendors performed poorly. Third party results reported that these platforms drove zero or negative lift. As a result, the brand pulled spend from other platforms and moved their media investments to ViralGains.