Uncovering Purchasing Potential

Understanding the impact of your marketing efforts on consumer purchase intent is just as important as driving conversions. By engaging with your target audience and tapping into key insights, you can discover who intends to purchase your product, as well as the behavior and attitude signals that indicate they might be ready to do so. These insights are invaluable, as they can help you strategize future marketing efforts while expediting conversions.

In our latest worksheet, The Intent Phase, we’ll provide a framework that will help you use digital video to uncover the consumers most likely to buy from you. Specifically, the worksheet will help you:

  • Identify consumers who are interested in purchasing your product
  • Derive key consumer insights such as preference, attitude, and behavior in order to drive conversions
  • Strategically curate messaging that will help you make the most out of your low-funnel media spend
  • Quantify the impact of your campaign on consumer purchase intent

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