The Next Generation of Digital Storytelling

The core responsibility of every marketer is to create authentic and meaningful connections with consumers through brand storytelling. In order to strengthen and deepen those connections however, marketers must ensure they’re telling a relevant brand story. But relevance is relative—so, how do marketers tell the right story to the right person at scale?

Unfortunately, the industry’s traditional method of brand storytelling employs a one-to-many approach. With this method, one message is deployed to millions of people and is expected to resonate with the intended consumer, produce the necessary campaign outcomes, and drive revenue—all without accounting for the consumer’s attitudes and behaviors, their position in the consumer journey, or their interest in the brand or product. This one-to-many approach—a method the industry inherited from its ancestors in legacy media—does not consider nor create relevance. Instead, marketers should focus on a one-to-one approach to brand storytelling and consumer listening.

Listen to the Consumer

In the heyday of radio and print, the one-to-many approach of storytelling was all marketers had, but today’s technology allows marketers to connect with consumers one-to-one and engage in two-way conversations. Brands can now ask consumers how they feel about their products, or how likely they are to make a purchase and optimize the ad journey based on their feedback. This method of optimizing ad journeys based on consumer sentiment and feedback enables brands to more effectively target and influence audiences with a personalized ad journey.

Consumer listening, sentiment, and personalization are the keys that can help unlock relevance and generate brand impact. With these factors in mind, marketers can strengthen and deepen those consumer relationships that are so crucial to driving success.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

The Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey, the latest study from IPG Media Lab—produced in partnership with ViralGains and MAGNA Global—explores the impact of optimizing ad journeys based on consumer sentiment—and the findings are astounding. The report reveals:

  • Why a sentiment optimized consumer journey creates a better, more positive ad experience
  • How personalized consumer journeys can help improve brand perceptions
  • Why relevance helps drive consumers to take action
  • Why an ad journey that is optimized on consumer sentiment can save marketers millions in wasted video ad impressions

Armed with the insights from the study, you’ll be able to start driving a more relevant and impactful digital ad experience. Download The Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey today.

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