Data and Consumer Connections

The 21st century has given rise to the direct brand economy—where brands are able to connect with consumers on a 1:1 basis more efficiently than ever before. Savvy brands have seen tremendous growth by disrupting traditional business models with innovative marketing and business strategies driven by two critical factors: data and consumer connections.

One-size-fits-all marketing strategies are no longer cutting it. In order to cut through the noise, digital video strategies must be fueled by intelligent data that puts the individual consumer at the center.

You must be asking yourself, So where do I get this data from, and what do I do once I have the data? Lucky for you, we have answers.

On July 26th, the IAB and ViralGains hosted, Don’t Chase Eyeballs, Capture Hearts: The Journey to Better Advertising, a free webinar which explored how digital video can be used to propel advertising into a consumer-centric, data-driven future where audience insights are used to drive results throughout the buyer journey.

Our special guest, Georgina Goode, Digital Director of Boeing, provided expert guidance on key industry topics, highlighting:

  • Why understanding consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences is vital to campaign (and overall business) success
  • Why digital video is not TV, and how to avoid treating it as such
  • Why video can help drive top- and low-funnel results
  • How to strive for transparency and consumer trust in today’s digital ecosystem

It was a high-energy, engaging, and practical session, and we can’t thank the IAB and Georgina enough for making it happen. If the industry can get behind the ideas we discussed, we’re confident the future of digital video is bright.

Missed the webinar? No worries! Check out the full video below:


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