Bridging the Digital Video Divide: Webinar Recap

Yesterday we kicked off our first webinar, Bridging the Digital Video Divide: Connecting Ad Performance to Business Outcomes. We had a great turnout and received a number of engaging questions from our attendees.

Our presenters (ViralGains CEO, Tod Loofbourrow, and Director of Marketing, Jon Carlson) dove into findings from our newest research—produced in partnership with the CMO Council—and highlighted how leading senior marketers are making the most out of digital video.

Tod took the audience through four of the most compelling insights from the research, which reinforce recent rally cries for industry transformation:

  • Digital video investments are growing
  • When it comes to viewability, the industry wants to see change
  • Digital video is not TV, yet many marketers approach it as such
  • Top marketers are measuring more than just impressions served throughout every stage of the funnel

The webinar also covered practical strategies for leveraging digital video and driving consumer engagement at different stages of the customer journey. After walking through real-world examples of how digital video can help brands drive high-impact business outcomes, Tod concluded the webinar with four key takeaways that are essential to digital video marketing success.

Interested in learning more? Check out our on-demand recording here.

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