Are Marketers Capitalizing on Video’s Promise? New Research from ViralGains and CMO Council

From Cambridge Analytica to Adpocalypse, the digital advertising industry has seen more than its fair share of scandal  — leading to tension, distrust, and discontent amongst marketers and consumers alike. Yet despite all the chaos, digital video ad spend is projected to reach $22.18 billion through 2021*.

Marketers clearly recognize the promise of digital video and we, at ViralGains, realize that marketers may be struggling to navigate its complexities. So, in early 2018 we set out to understand how marketers are navigating the stormy seas of digital in order to better serve and address their needs.

ViralGains, in partnership with the CMO Council, surveyed 233 senior marketers across verticals. We dove deep into the ins and outs of how digital video advertising is being leveraged in today’s digital ecosystem, including:

  • How marketers are using video throughout the buyer journey
  • How digital video advertising success is being measured vs. the KPIs against which marketers themselves are being judged
  • Sentiment surrounding the recent data, trust, and brand safety headlines generated by Facebook and Google (and how it’s impacting investment with these channels)
  • Satisfaction with current industry viewability standards (spoiler alert: people aren’t happy with them)

The results were revelatory and—in many cases—startling. It’s clear that while digital video’s promise is at an all-time high, there are still many hurdles to overcome if we want to achieve that promise.

So don’t get left in the dark. Download the full report, Engage At Every Stage: Focusing Attention to Online Video Connection, for a complete look into survey findings.

*eMarketer, [October 25, 2017] 

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