ViralGains Releases Profiling Suite

Platform enhancements provide deep viewer insights across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the Open Web

BOSTONSept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ViralGains, the leading video ad engagement platform, today announced the availability of its Profiling Suite. Designed to provide advertisers holistic tools to activate their most engaged video viewers, the Profiling Suite combines in-depth viewing and engagement data with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram custom audiences.

Cited by BostInno as one of the top startups propelling marketing technology, and winner of the $100,000MassChallenge Diamond prize, ViralGains has built its business by optimizing video engagement on the Open Web, where 75% of branded videos are consumed.  The company offers a full ad platform bundled with premium placements across the single largest inventory of 30-second+ video content.

The Profiling Suite, in concert with ViralGains’ core platform, allows advertisers to:

  • Create custom audience segments based on social sharing, viewing behavior, and viewer sentiment
  • Capture and confirm in-depth audience insights from all views delivered through ViralGains’ native player
  • Connect those audience segments based on the age, location, gender, and interest data available from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Instagram recently announced that brands and agencies now have the ability to leverage Facebook targeting tools for Instagram campaigns. ViralGains helps brands get the most out of their video clips on both Instagram and Facebook—as well as YouTube—by accurately targeting and retargeting viewers based on their engagement and sentiment with videos run outside of those environments.

“Marketers want the power and reach of the Open Web where millions of sites command consumer attention, but they also want to run targeted campaigns in the walled gardens of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube,” said Tod Loofbourrow, CEO of ViralGains.  “ViralGains’ Profiling Suite allows us to overlay real-time proprietary data on consumer engagement with the rich targeting ability of social networks to model the ideal viewer, thereby allowing brands to build more effective campaigns across all channels and the Open Web.”

About ViralGains: 

ViralGains drives engagement and emotional connection between consumers and advertisers through the power of online video. ViralGains enables video distribution at scale by helping advertisers deliver video to consumers who are most likely to socially engage with their brand across the most relevant channels. ViralGains’ video ad engagement platform provides consumers the choice to interact with video, and act on the content post-view for transformative results and engagement. ViralGains is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in New York and Los Angeles.