ViralGains Launches VoiceAlike® Across Engagement Experiences to Turn Advertising Into a Conversation With Consumers

Empowers brands and agencies to remain relevant by building first-party audiences based on consumer feedback

BOSTON, MA — April 6, 2021ViralGains, the leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration, today announced the launch of its VoiceAlike® artificial intelligence technology across its suite of engagement experiences and interactive surveys. VoiceAlike uses machine learning to generate first party audiences by predicting survey responses for those who saw a ViralGains survey, but did not answer. The predicted response is based on declared responses from those who do answer, and over 200 different types of attributes including demographics, user behavior and location. 

VoiceAlike allows advertisers to maximize their audience and provides more relevant ads based on consumer feedback, which radically improves ad effectiveness while also optimizing media budget. VoiceAlike is available across display and video surveys. In video, interactive surveys can be inserted both during and following an advertisement.

Now, instead of retargeting consumers with the same ad over again, marketers can predict their sentiment, interest and preference and serve them a more appropriate ad based on their buying stage with a brand. This creates a better advertising experience for the consumer and helps marketers:

  • Scale their audience retargeting pool to cover potentially millions of consumers
  • Divide consumers who watch a video advertisement into groups based on purchase intent, product preference or product fit — and retarget all of them with the most appropriate content
  • Spend their budget more wisely by suppressing low intent audiences from future campaigns or working to influence them with different creative content
  • Identify consumer preferences and retarget them with ads featuring products and services that best meet their needs

A major pharmaceutical company, whose goal was to educate consumers on a new breast cancer drug and drive quality traffic to their website, saw VoiceAlike first-party audiences outperform third-party targeting by 3.2 times, a 30% increase in click-through rate (CTR), as well as a 44% decrease in bounce rate month over month. 

One of the largest banks in the U.S. was seeking to drive positive brand sentiment and saw a 71% higher CTR leveraging VoiceAlike as compared to third-party audiences and a 17% lift in consideration.

“This year has been full of new challenges for advertisers — consumers’ lives and behaviors have dramatically changed as a result of COVID, and better frameworks for protecting consumer privacy against abuse are emerging through regulatory pressure,” said Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains. “At ViralGains, we’re big believers in letting the voice of the customer lead the way so advertisers can engage consumers with the right content. In 2020 alone, we helped our clients deliver 114 million engagement experiences and surveys to do just that. We’re strong advocates of privacy-centered changes in advertising, and look forward to driving an evolved future of advertising that empowers the customer’s voice.”

About ViralGains

ViralGains is the leader in digital advertising software for customer-centric advertising and intelligent ad journey orchestration. Its proprietary software as a service platform, ViralGains OdysseyTM, enables marketers to create unique ad journeys on leading demand-side platforms that improve brand trust, drive customer action and reduce wasted ad spend by making ads relevant to real-time customer sentiment and behavior.

Headquartered in Boston, with locations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, the company powers results for the most successful digital advertisers, including 100 of the Fortune 500 and half of the Fortune 10. For more information, please visit