ViralGains Enables Cookieless Ad Journeys Based on Consumer Input

Dynamic interactions tool empowers marketers to build real-time custom journeys within a single advertisement

BOSTON, MA — February 17, 2022ViralGains, the leader in creative technology for finding, understanding, nurturing and acquiring customers across all phases of the digital journey, today announced the release of a new cookieless tool that creates dynamic interactions within an advertisement to cater the brand experience to the viewer based on their input. This privacy-friendly product is available within the ViralGains Odyssey™ platform and allows advertisers to prompt ad viewers to share their preferences, sentiment, interests and other actions within an ad. The remainder of the interactions within the ad then adapt in real-time based on the viewer’s feedback.

It is a transformative enhancement to the traditional concept of ad journeys. Marketers typically create journeys across multiple ad creatives through retargeting, but now they can create a personalized brand journey within a single creative. This capability leads to more opt-in voice of customer data, fewer creatives potentially required, optimized media investment, and ultimately a deeply tailored experience at the individual level while protecting consumer privacy. Within a single advertisement, marketers can now:

  • Better understand the preferences and intent of their brand loyalists
  • Segment out who isn’t interested in buying their product if applicable
  • Shift messaging for uninterested viewers to convert them to new customers
  • Distinguish content that best resonates among various audiences
  • Gather intel around why viewers may be using another brand
  • Discern what viewers value most about a brand or product

A leading e-commerce retailer wanted to more effectively advertise their virtual assistant technology to four unique audiences to drive brand affinity, gauge brand perception and value alignment, and understand potential reasons for negative perception. They utilized a series of video advertisements and integrated a variety of strategic survey questions within them. The first question helped the brand understand if the product had an impact on the audiences’ day-to-day lives. Based on that response, the viewer was led to one of two question options – one a multiple choice survey about the reason a consumer wasn’t using the product, if that’s what they indicated, or a second survey if they said the product did make a difference in their lives to then understand if it made their lives easier.

By creating dynamic interactions through these multiple questions within a single video ad, the brand saw that one of the four audiences drove twice as much lift as the others, signaling a need to shift advertising budget to this audience in order to maximize their media investment. By understanding why some consumers didn’t already have the product, the brand now also had concrete insights to inform future advertising messaging.

Through this powerful advertising approach of Zero-Party data gathering, 58,000 unique people responded to the surveys and allowed the brand to ask consumers multiple questions, all within their existing media budget. Many brands allocate additional hundreds of thousands of dollars for this kind of market research, with typically much smaller response rates and limited questioning. This advertiser was able to reach a much larger pool of consumers and target specific areas of interest for the brand without any additional cost outside of their advertising campaign, all while keeping the consumer’s privacy intact.

“The landscape of targeted advertising is rapidly changing. For too long the industry has overreached with consumers, and these changes are a direct result of a broken value exchange,” said Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains. “Today, there is an opportunity for brands to build a better relationship with their consumers by making advertising a real conversation – where consumers voluntarily participate and get an improved customer experience. Brands that use this approach to advertising will achieve long-term success, and will stand out as a truly customer-centric business.”

With increasing privacy regulations, navigating the future of digital marketing effectively is more important than ever. Utilizing technology such as ViralGains’ can help marketers collect Zero-Party data to reach and engage with the right potential customers, while still respecting their privacy in the evolving landscape.

About ViralGains
ViralGains is the leader in digital advertising software for customer-centric advertising and intelligent ad journey orchestration. Its proprietary software as a service platform, ViralGains Odyssey™, enables marketers to create unique ad journeys on leading demand-side platforms that improve brand trust, drive customer action and reduce wasted ad spend by making ads relevant to real-time customer sentiment and behavior. Headquartered in Boston, with locations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, the company powers results for the most successful digital advertisers, including 100 of the Fortune 500 and half of the Fortune 10. For more information, please visit