ViralGains Leads the Way in Customer-Centric Advertising, Driving Dramatic Results for Advertisers in Volatile 2020 Environment

With consumer sentiment shifting dramatically this year, ViralGains software helped brands understand and target customer needs in real time to drive high ROI

ViralGains, the leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration, today announced its customer-centric advertising technology helped companies bolster digital ad effectiveness across all major industry vertical markets, significantly boosting ad relevance in the midst of a challenging COVID-19 environment. Unparalleled results came from ViralGains cutting edge product enhancements, strong solution focus, new business-to-business partnerships, and a rise in market demand for customer-centered solutions in digital advertising.

Case studies of brands utilizing ViralGains’ advertising technology in 2020 show dramatic results achieved by integrating the viewer’s sentiment and/or preferences in each advertisement, including:

  • A U.S. military branch saw a 51% increase in enlistment consideration
  • A large investment management platform saw that consumers’ confidence in their own personal investment strategy had decreased by 16%
  • Online conversions doubled for a supermarket pharmacy that served as a one-stop-shop for consumers trying to limit store visits
  • A luxury retail brand shifted to a “Stay at Home” shoppable video ad, which drove an 8.3% lift in shopping intent compared to the control group – more than twice as much lift as their original video ads.

Popularly known for its Engagement Experiences that transform video and display ads into interactive experiences for the viewer, ViralGains enhanced its offerings with new capabilities, including Multiple Choice Surveys. This latest Engagement Experience is available in-video or post-video, and allows advertisers to utilize randomized answer options that deliver large scale understanding of consumer wants and needs. Those answers can then be assigned Journey Triggers™ so that viewers can be retargeted with more relevant ads that highlight the viewer’s own preferences, creating a more personalized experience for the viewer and first-party insight for the advertiser.

“We are immensely proud of the results that Safaa Lafnoune’s product team has produced in an advertising industry facing significant changes as a result of COVID-19,” said Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains. “We listen closely to our customers and work closely with leading standard setting organizations setting a new future for digital advertising, which is far more consumer-centered, more transparent with consumers, and more effective.”

The pandemic has revealed underlying weaknesses in the old one-way broadcast model of the advertising industry, and the structure of advertising organizations is rapidly changing as discussed recently in The Wall Street Journal. In-house agencies are exploding in number – some 69% of brands have completely or partially in-housed programmatic advertising buying, and large agencies are adapting to help them succeed. To help in-house agencies navigate the change, ViralGains recently joined forces with the In-House Agency Forum as a valuable resource for growing in-house agencies. As a result of the partnership, ViralGains will provide original content to members to foster further education on bringing the voice of the customer front and center to advertising.

“We are thrilled to be a member and partner of IHAF and have seen firsthand the leadership and knowledge the organization has brought to the existing in-house agency community,” said Cindy Brown, Chief Revenue Officer of ViralGains. “We’re excited to bring our background and expertise to the community and demonstrate how to better integrate the voice of their customer into advertising to create a more personalized advertising approach, especially in the midst of another COVID wave and the upcoming termination of Google Chrome’s cookies.”

ViralGains has grown it’s customer base rapidly in recent years and recently announced it’s success serving 100 of the Fortune 500 and half of Fortune’s Top 10.

About ViralGains
ViralGains was launched out of California’s 500 StartUps incubator and out of the Mass Challenge Incubator in 2013 – where the company won the #1 ranking out of 1,600 competing applicants. ViralGains has since grown rapidly to become the leader in digital advertising software for customer-centric advertising and intelligent ad journey orchestration.

Headquartered in Boston, with locations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, the company powers results for the most successful digital advertisers, including 100 of the Fortune 500 and half of the Fortune 10. For more information, please visit

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