Finding Your Best Advertising Audience With Zero Party Data

We recently worked with a major software brand who sought to identify and reach a niche target audience with the end goal of driving highly engaged visitors to their website to learn more about their analytics software. 

With the help of our marketing platform that leverages zero party data within ads, the brand was able to discover, understand, and nuture their niche audience by using our interactive advertising and audience building technology.

How’d They Do It?

We helped transform the brand’s video ads into interactive experiences with clickable calls to action that drove directly to their website and a Likert Survey that appeared upon completion asking the viewer to rate (1-5 stars) their impression of the brand.

ViralGains built a Zero Party Audience segment of those people that reported mid-high brand perception (3-5 stars) and used VoiceAlike® technology to scale the audience pool by creating inferred audiences. The brand also used a Lookalike model via our LiveRamp partnership.

The brand then sequentially messaged the ViralGains Audiences via two platforms:

1. LinkedIn Ads

2. Display campaign via our platform, ViralGains OdysseyTM

At the same time, the brand ran two additional campaigns via Google’s Display Network and LinkedIn so we were able to clearly see how the ViralGains’ Audiences stacked up against Google and LinkedIn’s audiences.

Here’s a peek at the results

ViralGains vs. LinkedIn Audiences:

  • ViralGains Audiences produced more leads and were 44% more cost efficient than LinkedIn 1st party audiences
  • ViralGains Audiences generated a 58% higher CTR than LinkedIn 1st party audiences

ViralGains vs. Google Display Network Campaign:

  • ViralGains was 60% more cost efficient (Cost Per Engaged Session) than third party targeting via Google
  • ViralGains had a 25% higher CTR than third party targeting via Google

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