How to Scale the Voice of Your Customer

Did you know that on average, 59% of ad impressions are wasted with standard video retargeting? With brands investing a large portion of their budgets in this type of advertising, throwing away nearly two thirds of a brand’s budget is unacceptable. At ViralGains, we are firm believers in letting the voice of the customer guide the brand experience. When you tailor your ads to real-time customer sentiment brand trust and customer action doubles. We’ve been successfully running these campaigns for brands for years and are excited to announce we’re now bringing it to the next level.

Introducing our VoiceAlike® product!

We’ve worked tirelessly to educate brands on how advertising needs to break free from tradition. Most advertisers follow a one-way conversation model, instead of letting the customer have a voice in their own advertising journey. We have a variety of engaging attributes we create within an advertising experience so that consumers can interact with the ad and provide real-time feedback to the brand. One of our most popular services is called the “Likert Survey,” in which a 1-5 star survey is shown within the advertisement asking the viewer to rate an attribute of the brand. This could be something like “How likely are you to shop our brand?” The response of the viewer becomes a Journey Trigger that sets this viewer onto a more relevant advertising path. 

VoiceAlike® takes this process one step further for brands. Our proprietary AI technology allows brands to scale the voice of the customer by inferring the responses of viewers that watched the advertisement, but did not complete the survey.* This continues the ad journey for the viewer, instead of losing them altogether and wasting ad dollars on a group that can’t be retargeted.

To note, this is NOT the same as a look-alike model. Look-alike models find new people based on the demographics of those that viewed an advertisement, while VoiceAlike® utilizes those that have already experienced the advertisement to infer their response and continue their ad journey.

Brand Success – VoiceAlike® in Action

ViralGains recently worked with a global beauty brand looking to launch a campaign within the United States. Their skin care line had just been updated with cutting-edge anti-wrinkle ingredients and they had two specific goals: 

  1. Continue driving purchases from existing customers. 
  2. Generate brand awareness among new customers.

With these goals in mind, ViralGains designed a video ad journey that transformed their ads into interactive experiences with clickable attributes, call-to-actions, and surveys. Utilizing these elements, the campaign:

  1. Reached three separate audiences: 
    • Current customers
    • Consumers who purchased a competitor’s product
    • In-market anti-aging cream shoppers 
  2. Captured customer sentiment with our Likert Survey Engagement Experience 
  3. Measured real-time lift in purchase intent with ViralGains’ Brand Health Monitor 
  4. Retargeted both high and low intenders with videos tailored to their rating, based on VoiceAlike® technology

The Results

With the strategy described above, the brand outperformed their Key Performance Indicators! The campaign created two audiences from the survey responses- high intenders (4&5 star raters) and low intenders (1&2 star raters). The high intenders received ads that reinforced the original message, resulting in a whopping 3.7% CTR by the end of the campaign.

For the low intenders, the brand took a different approach. They created video ads out of their influencer campaigns, thinking that testimonial-style videos might perform better than a standard beauty video ad. They were right, with 2.5% of those respondents that originally expressed low intent, clicking on the testimonial style ad to shop the product. These numbers are impressive considering Extreme Reach reported CTRs for video ads have been continually decreasing and sat at an average of  0.15% in Q3 of 2019.**

As for overall lift in purchase intent, the product launch videos drove a 9.1% lift in purchase intent among high intenders compared to the control group. The competitive conquesting group saw a 7.4%  lift, and the in-market anti-aging shoppers saw a 12.2% lift.


As evidenced above, marketers are missing out on potential customers by not helping them curate their own ad journey. Through our VoiceAlike® product, not only can marketers create a more custom ad journey, but they can also scale the valuable audiences they currently have even further. As a testament to this methodology, on average, our clients have seen their audience size increase by 40x. 

Stop wasting ad budget, and start reaching a wider pool of customer. To get started with our VoiceAlike® product, reach out to us at

*Need a minimum of 200 survey responses for AI technology to be triggered. 
**Based on video ads served from AdBridge.

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