How Advertisers Can Unlock New Audiences with ViralGains and LiveRamp®

At the core of everything we do at ViralGains, a brand’s ability to reach their audience in a way that benefits both the brand and the consumer is our utmost priority. We recently partnered with LiveRamp to expand their audiences while still gaining a clear understanding of consumer sentiment. As a result of this new partnership, our clients will engage consumers with more relevant ads that speak to their interests, needs and desires – ultimately sending them on a more effective ad journey.

How does this partnership work exactly? 

Our suite of Engagement Experiences, including interactive surveys, empowers advertisers to create a two-way conversation between advertisers and customers. Through our partnership with LiveRamp, we are able to take customer responses and extend audience-building capabilities with lookalike modeling using thousands of different attributes and non-cookie sources like offline data, email and mobile ad IDs. In addition to increased reach, advertisers are ensured a seamless integration across platforms, compounding ViralGains’ ability to deliver quality first-party audiences based on sentiment.

See what ViralGains has to say about the partnership:

“LiveRamp has already proven to be a reliable partner and clearly has the same core value as we do at ViralGains – putting the customer first. Their customer service is unmatched and delivers the responsiveness and efficiency that our advertisers rely on us to deliver. It’s a perfect match that we’re excited to bring as an additional asset to our clientele.
Cindy Brown, Chief Revenue Officer at ViralGains

“LiveRamp was clearly designed with the advertiser top of mind — they make it easy to expand relevant audience targets and ensure the data is actionable. Many of our advertisers have already been utilizing LiveRamp, so this partnership between the two of us helps streamline the delivery of omnichannel lookalike audiences for our clients and creates a seamless integration experience for them as well.”
Cory Ransom, Brand Strategist at ViralGains

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