Are Your Video Ads Set Up for Success?

“Muddled thinking leads to muddled technology implementation, and subpar results.” – Tod Loofbourrow, CEO, ViralGains

Before moving forward with a media buy, you should carefully identify and consider your brand’s business goals and campaign objectives; ask yourself, How will I measure success? Are my proposed KPIs a strong representation of the campaign’s true business impact? Establishing metrics that articulate campaign impact on a company’s bottom line is critical to campaign and business success.

Metrics such as CTR, VCR, and viewability are great ways to determine if an impression was served, but they don’t always fully articulate the effectiveness of your campaign. Marketers should also focus on tying measurement and optimization to KPIs like brand lift, product preference, and sales. This type of information provides advertisers with insight into where their audiences are in the consumer journey, how to move them down the path to purchase, and how likely they are to convert. Taking this mindset allows you to stop focusing on top-line metrics like impressions, and start thinking more strategically about what’s really moving the needle for your business.

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