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AI & Consumer Sentiment: The Future of Digital Storytelling

Marketers know that relevance is a critical component to telling impactful brand stories that move audiences through the consumer journey. Artificial intelligence—when fueled by the right data—can help marketers create relevance and drive engagement at scale, amplifying their clients’ brand impact. So, are you leveraging all the right data and tech to make the most of your clients’ digital investments?

ViralGains, in partnership with MAGNA Global and IPG Media Lab, presents the on-demand webinar,  AI & Consumer Sentiment: The Future of Digital Storytelling. Hear from Kara Manatt, Magna Global’s SVP of Intelligence Solutions and Strategy, as she gives an exclusive look into The Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey—the latest report from the companies—which explores why obtaining and responding to consumer sentiment is crucial to optimizing the customer ad journey, saving otherwise wasted video ad dollars and positively impacting brand affinity metrics.

You’ll also hear from ViralGains CEO and AI expert, Tod Loofbourrow, who will share key insights that’ll help you separate fact from fiction as it pertains to AI. Learn:

  • Why artificial intelligence is changing and improving the way we do digital video advertising
  • What is the right—and wrong—data to fuel your machine learning and power your AI

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