ViralGains’ New VoiceAlike® Technology Brings the Voice of the Customer into Advertising at Massive Scale

Marketers drive 2-4x better advertising results using artificial intelligence
to predict where customers are in their journey with a brand

BOSTON, MA — March 19, 2020 — ViralGains, the leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration, today announced the launch of its VoiceAlike® artificial intelligence technology. ViralGains VoiceAlike® technology leverages consumer interaction and proprietary artificial intelligence to help marketers maximize customer response to their advertisements.

A major study by IPG Media Lab and MAGNA found that ViralGains ad journeys – based on customer sentiment – boost brand trust by 2.3x, double website visits and reduce wasted ad spend by 59 percent. ViralGains developed VoiceAlike® technology from its proprietary Consumer Engagement Experiences, which have been helping major brands gauge viewers’ sentiment, needs and preferences for years.

ViralGains VoiceAlike® technology magnifies brands’ ability to gauge sentiment from consumers by potentially millions through predicting survey responses for those who saw an advertisement with a ViralGains’ survey, but did not answer. Instead of retargeting consumers with the same ad again, marketers can predict their sentiment and either serve them a more appropriate ad based on their buying stage with a brand or remove them from future ads if they are not a good fit for the brand. This creates a better advertising experience for the consumer and helps marketers:

  • Scale their audience retargeting to cover potentially millions of consumers
  • Divide consumers who watch a video advertisement into three groups — high, medium and low brand intenders — each of which can be retargeted with different messages in real-time
  • Spend their budget more wisely by suppressing low intent audiences from future campaigns or working to influence them with different creative content

“ViralGains has long been the leader in turning advertising into two-way conversation with consumers. Now with ViralGains VoiceAlike® technology, brands can bring massive scale to those two-way interactions, and build inferred as well as declared audiences, segments and data from their two-way interactions with consumers.  Customers tell us that it’s truly a game changer for the effectiveness of their advertising,” said Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains. “This sophisticated use of artificial intelligence helps eliminate irrelevant ads that follow consumers around the internet and instead serves them with a more effective ad experience that is far more customer-centric for marketers.”

Brands no longer need to struggle to incorporate the voice of the customer into their advertising. ViralGains’ VoiceAlike® technology expands the voice of the customer to provide marketers with scalable results, from customer sentiment, to inform and strengthen their marketing and advertising strategies.

About ViralGains
ViralGains is the leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration. Our proprietary software as a service platform, ViralGains Odyssey, enables marketers to create unique ad journeys on leading demand-side platforms that improve brand trust, drive customer action and reduce wasted ad spend by making ads relevant to real-time customer sentiment and behavior. ViralGains is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. For more information, please contact us at

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