ViralGains Launches a New Cookieless Tool With a Privacy-Friendly Feature

ViralGains has announced the launch of a new cookieless tool as part of its ViralGains OdysseyTM platform. The tool is expected to create dynamic interactions within an ad to deliver the brand experience depending on viewer input in a privacy-friendly way.

ViralGains, a video ad journey platform that helps marketers engage the audience with brand stories, has launched a new cookieless tool. The tool creates dynamic interactions within an ad to deliver the brand experience to a viewer depending on their input. The company says that the tool is privacy-friendly.

The tool is available as part of the company’s ViralGains OdysseyTM platform, which allows marketers to use the voice of the customer to drive better advertising outcomes. The tool makes it possible for advertisers and marketers to prompt a viewer to share their interests, sentiments, and preferences within the advertisement. Based on the feedback from the viewer, the remainder of the interactions in the ad will then adapt in real-time.

The company expects that marketers can do multiple things in a single advertisement. These include understanding the intent and preferences of viewers, segmenting those who do not show interest in buying a product and distinguishing content that could resonate with viewers. The tool is also expected to help marketers understand why viewers may use another brand and gain insights into what viewers value about a product or a brand.

The Key Motivating Factor Behind the Launch

Marketers usually create journeys across several ad creatives through retargeting. However, with the new tool, ViralGains expects marketers and advertisers to be able to create personalized brand journeys in a single creative. The company says that advertisers could combine strategic surveys and advertisements to gain viewer feedback and understand the most valuable audience segment, helping them make adjustments to the campaign and ad budget. Simultaneously, they can potentially reach more audiences and gain more viewer responses within their existing ad budgets and fewer creatives.

While achieving this, it is also necessary to do it in a data privacy-compliant manner, especially considering regulations are getting tighter by the day. ViralGains believes that the tool helps marketers collect zero-party data to connect and interact with potential customers, respecting their privacy in a continuously-changing advertising landscape.

Talking about the launch, Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains, said, “The landscape of targeted advertising is rapidly changing. For too long the industry has overreached with consumers, and these changes are a direct result of a broken value exchange. Today, there is an opportunity for brands to build a better relationship with their consumers by making advertising a real conversation, where consumers voluntarily participate and get an improved customer experience. Brands that use this approach to advertising will achieve long-term success, and will stand out as a truly customer-centric business.”

This article originally appeared on Toolbox | Marketing.