The Voice Assistant Brand That Won Hearts Through Zero-Party Data

In a digital realm not so far away, a smart voice assistant brand named Nile embarked on a mission to enhance and assess positive brand perception within four distinct target audiences: retired singles, busy working parents, young millennials, and aspirational suburban families. 

To craft a strategic campaign, Nile joined forces with ViralGains to fuel their four ad creatives with zero-party data. These videos didn’t just showcase Nile’s voice assistant capabilities; they artfully portrayed how Nile seamlessly integrates into people’s lives. Whether enhancing productivity at work, serving as a fitness companion during exercise, or deepening connections among loved ones, the smart voice assistant emerged as a silent hero in everyday moments.

In addition to instilling brand love with these audiences, Nile wanted to learn a few things about their consumers: 

  1. Gauge brand perception & value alignment: Nile wanted to know, are viewers in agreement that the brand has a meaningful impact on their lives? 
  2. Gain Insights: Nile also wanted to gain insights into the audience segments most positively impacted by the advertisements.
  3. Understand the dissenters: For those who didn’t quite see Nile as a life-changing brand, they wanted to understand why. What was it that kept some viewers from feeling the magic

By leveraging ViralGains’ distinct capabilities, Nile emerged from the campaign with real-time consumer insights, a built-in brand lift measurement study, and the ability to swiftly optimize their campaign using our VoiceAlike® Audiences, powered by ViralGains’ proprietary AI technology.

So, how did we do? 

Real-Time Consumer Insights: 

Leveraging our real-time consumer insights, we gleaned a compelling revelation from the pool of 58,000 respondents from our in-ad surveys: A remarkable one-third voiced that Nile made a difference in their lives. We were also able to determine that 80% of individuals with low brand affinity were reluctant to use the product because of privacy concerns.

Built-In Brand Lift Measurement: 

ViralGains’ Brand Lift Study meticulously assessed brand lift across various creative elements and audience segments. This comprehensive analysis provided invaluable insights into the influence Nile’s videos had on consumer sentiment.

Swift Optimizations with VoiceAlike®

ViralGains created VoiceAlike® Audiences, using our proprietary AI technology, based on people who responded positively to the in-video brand surveys. We were then able to sequentially message these viewers, which helped drive brand lift for the campaign overall.

Here, Nile’s story serves as a testament to the profound impact of thoughtful storytelling and data-driven insights in shaping brand narratives and fostering consumer connections. As Nile continues to evolve and inspire, its journey remains an inspiring example of how brands can win hearts and minds through creativity, authenticity, and a commitment to understanding their audience’s needs and aspirations through zero-party data. 

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