AI In Ads: 101

Advertisers take a seat, class is in session! 

It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. While there are still a lot of questions and even fears over what this means for jobs, we’re firm believers that viewing it as a tool you can wield to enhance your existing work will set you up for success. AI has brought a multitude of benefits to the advertising industry in particular and is completely revolutionizing how campaigns are planned, executed, and optimized. From creative, to content writing, and even audience building, AI should be considered the ultimate helping hand that all advertisers should be leveraging. 

Lesson 1: Unleashing Creativity

First things first, let’s dive into creative! This is likely the #1 way advertisers are currently thinking of incorporating AI into their workflow. The integration of AI within the advertising landscape has enabled advertisers to create an ample amount of initial drafts of campaign assets on the flip of a dime. The harmonious collaboration between human ingenuity and machine intelligence has been redefining how brands conceptualize, design, and deliver their messages to their intended markets. Here are some of our favorite tools to help generate ad creative ideas with AI, so you can try it yourself!

Lesson 2: Crafting Compelling Content

Now moving on to content writing…from crafting ad copy to summarizing campaign reports, advertisers can harness the power of AI for their content writing as well. This strategic integration of AI can help streamline an advertiser’s creative process by generating new ideas for positioning a product while aligning with existing marketing messaging. Or it can even help you simplify potentially complicated jargon around a product or brand if you’ve been sitting with a piece of content for too long and need a fresh perspective. 

In this context, tools such as ChatGPT have gained notoriety for helping create compelling content based on what captures peoples’ attention or providing a lengthy list of alternative phrasing to help you think outside the box. When it comes to simplifying language, one of our favorite prompts to use with ChatGPT is “Explain XYZ to me as if I were a kid” to help us really boil down to the core of the messaging.

Lesson 3: Scaling Audiences with Precision

And to wrap up our class session today, there’s one more area AI can be used in advertising that we’re not hearing about enough! By leveraging the power of AI, advertisers can efficiently expand their reach, engage with diverse demographics, and fine-tune their strategies for optimal impact by using it to build better advertising audiences. Here at ViralGains, we use our proprietary AI, VoiceAlike®, to generate and scale zero-party audiences by predicting survey responses for those people who saw ads from the same campaign.

VoiceAlike® provides advertisers with a means to optimize their audience pool, delivering personalized ads that resonate more profoundly by incorporating consumer feedback. This transformative approach not only amplifies the efficacy of advertisements but also streamlines the allocation of media resources by optimizing to the right audience for a brand. In essence, rather than repetitively retargeting consumers with identical ads if they did not respond to the survey within the brand’s ad, marketers can leverage the predictive capabilities of

VoiceAlike® AI. This empowers them to anticipate sentiment, interests, and preferences of the consumer, thereby then serving them an ad experience that aligns with individuals’ buyers’ journey and needs, also ultimately allowing the advertiser to continue targeting key audiences with the right brand message.

It’s crucial to remember that AI operates symbiotically with its human operators. While AI undeniably enhances various aspects of advertising, as indicated above, it’s important to acknowledge that certain elements in advertising rely on qualities that are deeply rooted in human nature and experiences. The combination of human creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence remains a powerful force in the world of advertising that AI is unable to fully replace.

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