ViralGains Dynamic Interactions Feature Uses Zero Party Data

Despite Google’s pushed timeline for eliminating cookies, marketers and advertisers need to be looking for innovative alternatives to reach their audience. With an extended deadline, they’re now more than ever empowered to look for new ways to create a better, more private, and immersive ad experience for consumers.

Earlier this year, we launched a new dynamic interactions feature, available in the ViralGains Odyssey™ platform, that gives consumers relevant and personalized ads based on their very own input, otherwise known as zero party data. The feature shows consumers in-ad interactive surveys, product explorer cards, hotspots, and more allowing viewers to voice their own desires and interests by directly interacting with these elements within the ad itself. Based on consumers own voluntary feedback, the future ad interactions are then tailored to each customer’s pertinent wants and needs.



INSIGHTS/AUDIENCES: By having consumers complete a brief survey, or select their favorite products, advertisers can efficiently collect insights from diverse audiences as well as create new interactive elements applicable to each consumer’s interests and preferences through their direct feedback. 

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: The dynamic interactions feature also provides a clear sense of communication between ad and customer, boosting their overall ad and brand experience. This enhanced experience increases the likelihood of purchase and additional spending, all while making the most of your media investment, customizing audiences for future messaging, and transforming the overall conventional ad journey experience. 

PRIVACY: What’s top of mind for every marketer and advertiser, is what our industry will look like without cookies. Retargeting strategies will undoubtedly look very different than years prior. One of arguably the most important benefits of this feature is that it allows advertisers to reach the viewer with messaging, promotions, CTAs, etc. right away within the ad. Therefore, it eliminates the potential of losing a viewer in a retargeted ad later down the road.

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