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For almost as long as advertising has existed, advertisers have measured digital campaign success with legacy metrics—exposures and impressions served—while continually struggling to quantify advertising impact on business outcomes. Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, why does the industry expect to measure and drive business outcomes by using the same strategies and metrics that have yet to serve them? Why are so many agencies and brands stuck in the status quo?

It’s time to reimagine advertising

What if advertising could be responsive to how consumers think and feel about a brand or product? What if advertising was a two-way medium and was actually responsive to the voice of customers? What if customers’ own views of a brand determined the advertisements that each prospective customer sees?

A recent nine-month study conducted by IPG Media Lab found that brands that employ exposure-based strategies vs. ad journeys tailored to the voice of the customer may be wasting more than half of digital impressions on people who will never consider buying the brand.  

IPG Media Labs found that ad strategies and journeys tailored to the voice of the customer:

  • Increase brand perceptions by 2.3x
  • Reduce wasted impressions by more than fifty percent 
  • Increase consumer action by 2x to 3x
  • Improve brand favorability by 3x

This is why we developed the industry’s first platform that gives customers a voice–ViralGains Odyssey

ViralGains Odyssey allows brands and agencies to take a customer-centric approach to advertising—learning from prospective customers in simple, effective ways about their interests and preferences, and creating ad journeys that speak to and resonate with how they perceive your brand and products, measurably moving the needle on both. Instead of simply talking at consumers with advertising, leaders are now talking with consumers. By engaging with people in real-time, and understanding how they think and feel about a brand, product, or offering, advertisers can more tightly measure and improve the impact of their advertising on their bottom line.

We built ViralGains Odyssey so that marketers can leverage the true voice of millions of consumers at scale in moving brand perception and buying behavior. Thirty percent of the Fortune 100 use the ViralGains approach to video advertising, with more joining the movement every day.

It all starts with content. Video advertisements and connected TV are amazing media for driving and measuring engagement, and unlike most forms of advertising, they are both measurable and addressable. ViralGains Odyssey provides incredible tools for content creation, helping turn raw video advertisements into effective engagement experiences, which draw in consumers to learn about their needs, preferences, and opinions. By measuring both sentiment and behavior in the context of a single advertisement, advertisers can measure the true impact of a single engagement by consumers. Engagement, sentiment, and behavior are much stronger signals of consumer intent than simple impressions.

But measurement is only the beginning. ViralGains Odyssey allows you to define, test, and execute customer journeys, based on what you measure.

Each person has a unique customer journey, where they form opinions and perceptions as they engage and interact with your brand along the way—from the moment they learn about your brand to the time they decide whether to buy your product. Each interaction is an opportunity to move the needle on your business. Today, most brands don’t even recognize those opportunities because they can’t measure where customers stand on a granular enough level to be actionable—ViralGains changes the game. 

Built  on years of MIT research spanning social dynamics, customer sentiment and behavior— in collaboration with marketing organizations at 30+ Fortune 100 companies—ViralGains Odyssey allows advertisers to easily define, visualize, and test the way you connect with and move audiences through the funnel with video, display, and connected tv, allowing you to truly tailor experiences to the voice of the customer. 

With ViralGains Odyssey you can orchestrate and execute ad journeys on high-quality digital inventory and buy them automatically through leading demand-side platforms from one single planning and execution platform.

ViralGains Odyssey features sophisticated journey triggers that enable automated engagement—sending your customers on the next, most relevant leg of their digital ad journey. What’s more, our journey triggers aid in the automatic creation of niche audiences—segmenting customers according to their sentiment and behavior—so you can effortlessly take your audience data and apply it across your digital portfolio to improve advertising results and build meaningful consumer relationships.

These new capabilities—voice of customer, advertising journeys backed by machine learning, and journey triggers based on sentiment and behavior—only scratch the surface of our innovative new platform. 2019 has been full of tremendous growth and momentum for VIralGains—and we’re only getting started. 

Reach out to learn more about ViralGains Odyssey. 

About Tod Loofbourrow

Tod Loofbourrow is the Chairman and CEO of ViralGains, a marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover, understand and nurture customers by leveraging the power of zero-party data in ads through creative interactivity and audience-building AI solutions. Tod is a serial entrepreneur, having served as President of iRobot, where he helped grow market capitalization to $1B, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Authoria (now Peoplefluent), and CEO of artificial intelligence consulting firm Foundation Technologies, Inc. Since 2011, Tod has served as Entrepreneur in Residence at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, where he also judges the data science competition. He is the author or editor of seven books — including a bestseller on computer science and robotics written at the age of 16, and an anthology book series on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Tod was educated at Harvard and Oxford Universities, and has lectured at Stanford, MIT Sloan School, Harvard Business School, Babson College, and others.

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