You’re So Vain: Beyond Marketing Vanity Metrics

Peter Drucker once said, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” But for marketers looking at the power of digital video with seemingly unlimited capacity for analytics, Drucker’s wisdom begs an obvious follow-up question: are we measuring and managing the right things?

Considering how much weight many marketers put on “vanity metrics” like cost per mille (CPM) and impressions, the answer is a resounding no. Marketers know this. In a recent eMarketer report, marketers rated a lack of consistent metrics as their number one concern. Tellingly, those same respondents cited additional concerns around transparency, viewability and fraud — issues that are only exacerbated by chasing impressions. If marketers want to address those concerns and better meet the challenge of driving business impact, they need to start thinking beyond vanity metrics.

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