ViralGains Partners with LiveRamp

ViralGains, provider of a zero-party data gathering and advertising platform, and LiveRamp, a data enablement platform provider, have partnered to enable marketers and advertisers to extend ViralGains’ Zero-Party and VoiceAlike Audiences across more than 400 partners in LiveRamp’s digital portfolio.

Through the partnership, ViralGains’ ability to deliver quality audiences based on declared data (Zero-Party Audiences) and inferred data (VoiceAlike Audiences) will be combined with LiveRamp’s ability to port those audiences across different platforms. The partnership enables marketers and advertisers to match audiences to more than 250 million U.S. consumers.

“ViralGains’ Zero-Party and VoiceAlike Audiences have been invaluable compared to standard third-party advertising audiences, and we’re thrilled to extend these higher-quality audiences to our customers through this partnership,” said Cindy Brown, chief revenue officer of ViralGains, in a statement. “It sets marketers up for success with a solution that addresses the deprecation of cookies.”

The companies also claim that “ViralGains’ VoiceAlike Audiences outperform third-party segments across KPIs including Brand Lift, CTR, and on-site actions.” Marketers will be able to use the data provided by the partnership to “match audiences to over 250 million consumers,” they continue.

This article originally appeared on DestinationCRM.