Viral Of The Day with ViralGains’ Dan Levin (Episode 1664)

Dan Levin is the President, COO, and Co-Founder of ViralGains. He was inspired to start ViralGains after recognizing the storytelling power of video as a medium in building authentic, meaningful connections between brands and the people they seek to serve.

Dan Levin is not just the President, CEO, and Co-founder of ViralGains but also a visionary who saw an opportunity during the social media revolution. As brands grappled with the reality of no longer controlling the conversation, Viral Gains emerged as a platform that could facilitate a two-way dialogue between brands and consumers.

ViralGains is a zero-party data-gathering engine for enterprise brands. They help advertisers target specific individuals with their ads, not just within the walled gardens of platforms like Facebook and Google but also across the open web, which includes millions of other websites.

ViralGains takes a unique approach to audience targeting. Instead of relying on data providers and tracking individuals’ online behaviour, they build highly relevant audiences using the open web through survey-based audience collection. They ask individuals about their interests and preferences, collecting zero-party data, which they voluntarily give.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Explanation of what ViralGains does as a zero party data gathering engine for enterprise brands
  • Discussion on how ViralGains helps advertisers target specific individuals across the open web
  • Explanation of survey-based audience collection and the collection of zero party data
  • Origins of ViralGains during the social media revolution and the incorporation of interactive surveys within ads
  • Discussion on constant surveillance and data extraction in the digital age, leading to the rise of ad blockers
  • Importance of being empathetic towards consumers as marketers and understanding consumer preferences
  • Introduction to the concept of zero party data and its potential for marketers

About Dan Levin:

Dan Levin is the co-founder, President, and COO of ViralGains, a company he established with a vision to leverage the impactful storytelling capabilities of video to foster genuine connections between brands and their audiences. His inspiration for ViralGains stems from his profound recognition of video’s potential in creating authentic and significant relationships.

Before co-founding ViralGains, Dan held the role of VP of Operations & Strategy at Viral Media Solutions, a comprehensive marketing agency that specialized in advising and aiding SMBs and Fortune 500 companies in the realms of social media and digital strategy. Through his leadership and expertise, Levin has played a pivotal role in shaping ViralGains’ mission and success within the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and storytelling.

About ViralGains:

ViralGains is a cutting-edge marketing platform headquartered in Boston’s Innovation District. It empowers brands to cultivate both new and returning customers through innovative means. By harnessing the potential of zero-party data, interactive advertisements, surveys, and audience development technology, ViralGains facilitates the implementation of brand-defined strategies.

The company’s wide-reaching influence extends to major cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, where it operates regional offices. ViralGains’ distinctive approach revolves around utilizing interactive tools to unearth insights, comprehend customer behaviour, and foster lasting relationships, positioning it as a forward-thinking force within the dynamic landscape of modern marketing.

Tweetable Moments:

  • 03:27 – “Consumers controlled what was popular…brands were met with a big middle finger.”
  • 12:19 – “I just like stuff that I’m actually really interested in. I’m just not going to click on and go through someone’s funnel if you’re a marketing agency. Sorry, I’m just no thanks.”

This podcast originally appeared on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.