Sources say Adidas has paused its video ads on Facebook while it reviews their efficacy

Facebook’s measurement woes have left Adidas questioning its spending on the platform.

The marketer’s media team stopped buying video ads on Facebook and is reviewing whether to cut its spending there due to concerns that people aren’t regularly viewing its ads there, according to three separate agency executives, speaking on condition of anonymity. The executives said Adidas is frustrated about the limited amount of data Facebook shares with its marketers to verify the efficacy of their ads, even as it becomes more expensive to advertise on the site.

Up to 30 percent of what Adidas spends on Facebook could be wasted, said one of the executives, who works with Adidas’ media team, which recently completed an internal audit of its spending on the social network.

“Adidas aren’t happy with what’s happening to their money,” said the executive.

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