CEO Revolutionized Digital Advertising by Creating Authentic Connections and Preserving Privacy

In this episode, we have Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman and CEO of ViralGains, a software-as-a-service company focused on establishing robust connections with consumers through two-way digital advertising.

Prior to ViralGains, Tod held significant positions in iRobot, Authoria, and several other reputable firms. He also served as a new-in-residence at the Center for Digital Business at M.I.T.

Tod highlights ViralGains’ unique approach to the advertising business with a major focus on privacy. Tod emphasizes the utilization of ‘zero party data’ and the vital role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the company’s growth and services.

Furthermore, the shared insights shed light on the importance of peer networks, personal growth, and consistent learning in entrepreneurial success, and the potential opportunities offered by AI when approached with a play and learning attitude.

This interview originally appeared on CBNation.