Online Videos People Will Actually Watch and Share

by Tod Loofbourrow, CEO, ViralGains – June 13, 2019

The key to video advertising success is to make sure your ad is both seen and completed.

Many video ads are seen only in a scroll-by feed with a few seconds of engaged viewing. These ad placements have very little value, and might as well be display ads. To increase the likelihood that your video advertisement drives engagement, and is viewed to completion, the most sophisticated advertisers do the following:

  • Develop and target ads as part of a sophisticated customer journey, not as one-offs.
  • Leverage voice of the customer technology to measure consumers’ attitudes and behavior in real time as a campaign runs, leveraging that data to segment audiences and target consumers who want to hear from and engage with your brand.
  • Work with real-time first-party and third-party data to create expansive reach and results-based targeting.

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