ViralGains’ Tod Loofbourrow on health tech, late nights working, and his favorite city to work in

Headshot of Tod Loofbourrow

Tod Loofbourrow is CEO of ViralGains.

What’s the biggest thing people don’t know about your job?

The most important part of being a CEO is genuinely caring about the development of your people and spending time helping them reach their dreams by building a great enterprise.

What’s the most surprising thing about health tech?

Due to regulatory requirements and a conservative mentality, health tech lags behind many industries. Entrepreneurs are stunned when they have to pick up a CD of their MRI or fax a doctor. It’s a highly fragmented $7 trillion industry with a lot of mom-and-pop operations at its core, which makes innovation a challenge.

Average wakeup time on a weekday

Like many tech CEOs, I am a night owl. You are more likely to get an email from me at 1 a.m. than at 6 a.m. Our president and I, and many of our tech folks, are often burning up the collaborative tools from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. My first look is always email and texts, then Dark Sky for weather and Waze for the commute.

If you weren’t working in this field, you’d be

I’d be an architect or an oceanographer.

Book you’re in the middle of

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by Scott Galloway.

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