MAGNA: How Machine Learning Boosts KPIs for Video Ad Retargeting

Dive Brief:

  • Fifty-nine percent of ad impressions are wasted with standard video retargeting, according to findings of new research by Magna, IPG Media Lab and ViralGains, titled “The Sentiment Driven Consumer Journey.” The study tested two video ad journeys among 6,000 consumers.
  • In the study, one group received a series of video ads optimized based on sentiment, or a viewer’s level of interest in the first video ad, with machine learning used to serve the best next ad based on a viewer’s preference as determined by a survey. The second group received a series of ads based solely on exposure. The brands involved include Dr. Pepper, Charles Schwab, an unnamed “major quick service restaurant” and a “major travel brand.”
  • Consumers on the sentiment-based journey were 2.7 times more likely to search for the brand and 2 times more likely to visit a brand’s website. Among these consumers, 85% said that the ads were interesting, 76% felt that the ads were relevant and 66% thought the ads were informative.

Check out the full article to learn how a sentiment-driven consumer journey can boost campaign KPIs.