How Financial Marketers Can Use Video to Tell Their Brand Story

Late last year, a Forrester report predicted that 2018 would be a “year of reckoning” for brands across industries, given low levels of consumer trust. To marketers in the financial services sector, that reckoning is a long time coming, thanks to headlines about security breaches and lingering skepticism about banks among consumers in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Add these concerns specific to to the overall atmosphere of brand and advertising distrust, and you get a uniquely difficult challenge. Here’s how financial services marketers can reboot the conversation with their target audiences and start rebuilding what’s been broken.

How Context Links Consumer Trust and Brand Safety

Consumers don’t put much thought into the advertising risks financial brands now face in digital channels. But they do notice when something goes horribly wrong with an ad placement. Take for example an airline advertising a travel destination — if consumers see ads for that campaign appear alongside a story about how the destination was just ravaged by a hurricane… that’s bad, very bad.

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