Expert: How CX can reimagine branded campaigns

Advertising doesn’t just tell a consumer about a product. According to one digital expert, advertising is the first step of a good customer experience – and sometimes with the first interaction a customer will have with the brand. Which is why customer experience is a more important part of the advertising pie than ever.

Kristina: Why is advertising overlooked by CX leaders?

Tod Loofbourrow, Chairman & CEO, ViralGains: Advertising is [often] the first place that a potential customer interacts with a brand. And once a prospect becomes a customer, the experience of advertising is a seminal part of how they feel about a brand, why they buy from a brand, and how they discover new offerings from a brand.

Top of funnel advertising strives to create a brand impression in the mind of a customer and drive purchase consideration and purchase intent. Lower funnel advertising and marketing activities look to turn intent into action. Marketing sits at the center of many of the places where a brand touches a customer – from advertising to retail experience to customer service. The strongest CX leaders take an integrated approach to customer experience, marketing and advertising, striving to integrate advertising and marketing activities to form a unified approach to turning prospects into lifelong customers.

Kristina: How can CX help to reimagine digital advertising?

Tod: The core discipline of CX is to take a unified view of each person who interacts with a brand, and to deliver a strong brand experience across touchpoints. Digital advertising provides a powerful tool for customizing those touchpoints. Unlike traditional linear TV advertisements or billboards or newspapers, digital advertising can be tightly tailored to prospects’ stage in the customer journey, preference, behaviors or preferences, making it one of the most responsive and powerful parts of a great customer experience.

Kristina: What about digital/streaming video?

Tod: Video is the most engaging medium ever invented. It contains sight, sound, motion, music, humor, emotion, pathos, joy. It is the strongest most persuasive mechanism for creating consumer experience short of being in store or on property.

Kristina: Where does the voice of the customer play into the experience?

Tod: Digital advertising has become a two-way medium, meaning that advertisers can use digital advertising slots to deliver full interactive experiences with customers. Customers can express preferences, answer surveys, explore products, locate stores, book appointments and even shop, right from digital advertisements. This voice of customer data gathered from advertising is an essential tool in the new digital customer experience.
Kristina: What benefits do advertisers receive when they lean into voice of the customer programs?

Tod: Voice of Customer is all about listening to customers on a personalized basis, but at a massive and efficient scale. You can – for example – learn about which customers are high, medium and low intent to purchase and devise advertising and marketing content for each segment. You can direct customers to offerings that you have high confidence will be of interest. You can understand features and competitive preferences. In short, voice of customer centered advertising gives voice to your prospects and customers

This article originally appeared on BizReport.