Cracking the Code for Creating Viral Content (Episode 174)

Dan Levin is the President, COO, and Co-Founder of ViralGains. He was inspired to start ViralGains after recognizing the storytelling power of video as a medium in building authentic, meaningful connections between brands and the people they seek to serve.

ViralGains’ mission is to empower the voice of brands and people, creating authentic and lasting connections.

Prior to ViralGains, Dan was VP of Operations & Strategy at Viral Media Solutions, a full-service marketing agency whose primary focus was servicing & consulting SMB’s and Fortune 500 brands on social media & digital strategy.

Dan graduated from the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts in Boston with concentrations in Marketing, Economics, and Philosophy.

What you will learn

  • Dan shares what prompted him to leap into the entrepreneurial world
  • The rise and fall of viral content; learn how perspectives and expectations shift
  • Discover how to build brand awareness in today’s digital landscape
  • Find out how Dan is helping businesses convert attention into sales
  • Dan shares his thoughts on AI, ChatGPT, and the future of marketing
  • Dan shares the hard lessons he’s learnt about marketing his own business
  • Plus much more!

This podcast originally appeared on The Jeff Bullas Show.