Audible, Sephora, SiriusXM, UM and Dotdash Meredith are among the 2023 WorkLife 50 winners

The WorkLife 50 list consists of the most outstanding employers in 2023. Several themes emerged among this year’s winners, showcasing how they offer some of the best places to work.

A focus on promoting continuous learning and growth, well-being and ergonomic workspaces, cultivating an inclusive culture and embracing a diverse hiring process were seen throughout all the winners.

Audible prioritized mental health and well-being 

Audible is one of the companies that touches on many of these themes, providing several professional development programs for its employees, from tuition reimbursement to software engineering programs for under-represented groups and more. Audible also offers flexibility: its employees can work from home or its in-person hub — whatever works best for them. The company provides weekly meditations, consultations with dietitians, and Q&As with clinical psychologists on managing stress to promote the health and well-being of its employees. In addition, several employee-led impact groups help Audible enhance belonging throughout the company by creating spaces for employees to see themselves reflected and celebrated for who they are.

Sephora fostered a flexible and inclusive workspace 

This article originally appeared on worklife.