Adelaide Partners With Holding Companies & Programmatic Platforms to Launch Flight Control, a Revolutionary Pre-Planning Tool

New York, United States; March 12, 2024 – Adelaide, the leader in attention-based media quality measurement, announces Flight Control, a planning tool that helps advertisers identify the optimal levels of media quality to drive consistent and predictable campaign performance.

Launch partners include Adlook, Adobe Advertising, Captify, Emodo, Illuma, InMobi, Kargo, Magnite,, MobileFuse, Mobkoi, News UK, OpenX, OCM Media, Picnic, Reticle, PubMatic, Seedtag, Sharethrough, Smartifai, Teads, TripleLift, Undertone, ViralGains, Wunderkind, Yahoo, and media agencies, GroupM, Havas Media Network, IPG Mediabrands, Omnicom Media Group, and Publicis Media.

Flight Control uses Adelaide’s attention-based media quality metric, AU, to enumerate quality thresholds. AU is the attention economy’s most popular metric, selected by leading DSPs and SSPs as their preferred attention metric.

How Flight Control Works

Flight Control helps answer one of the most common questions advertisers ask Adelaide: What’s the ideal target AU for this campaign?

Within the Flight Control dashboard, marketers input three criteria:

  1. Outcome Type – upper, middle, or lower-funnel outcomes
  2. Category – advertiser vertical
  3. Channel – medium (e.g., display, OLV)

Flight Control then produces a target AU. Media below the recommended AU floor can be reduced or avoided altogether to increase campaign efficiency. By implementing minimum AU thresholds, advertisers have seen significant results: on average, conversion metrics have increased by 59% and brand lift metrics by 50%.

The Market Is Taking Off With Flight Control

Agencies are integrating Flight Control calculators into their proprietary planning tools.

Parvati Vaish, SVP, CSA at Havas Media Network: “Flight Control ensures we start every campaign with clear and quantifiable targets for media quality and meaningfulness. At Havas Media Network in the US, we’ve customized Flight Control, building the Meaningful AU into our planning tools, with connected systems for a clear line through to activation.”

Sean Muzzy, Global President of Kinesso: “At Kinesso, we’re excited to build on top of Adelaide’s AU metric and Flight Control. This underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to deliver better outcomes. By integrating our advanced capabilities with Flight Control, we can actively manage supply and media quality, as well as bring attention metrics into our planning and optimization solutions for clients globally.”

Launch agencies have access to custom Flight Control dashboards starting today. Interested marketers should contact attention specialists within their agency or Adelaide for access.

Ashish Mahajan, Global Head of Video Solutions at GroupM Nexus: “AU is an integral part of how we plan, measure, and optimize campaigns at Nexus. Flight Control data has served as the foundation for custom attention planning tools that enable us to buy the right amount of—instead of the most—attention and maximize value for our clients.”

Caroline Hugonenc, SVP of Research & Insights at Teads: “After proving the connection between AU and full-funnel outcomes, we are planning to integrate the AU metric into our platform so that we can monitor it more efficiently for our clients. Flight Control represents a big step in our mission of making it easy for our clients to access premium media placements and maximize the rentability of their media investment.”

Programmatic partners are using Flight Control to inform custom algorithms and curate media via pre-bid segments and private marketplaces (PMPs).

Mike Evans, SVP of Demand Facilitation at Magnite: “The launch of Flight Control is an exciting development, and we look forward to working with Adelaide to help advertisers forecast and scale high-performing inventory across their omnichannel buys. To date, we’ve seen success through Magnite High-AU auction packages, with a global brand advertiser achieving 77% awareness lift and 49% higher consideration.”

Luca Filardo, VP, Platform Management, Adlook: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Adelaide on the launch of Flight Control. For over a year, Adlook has been a staunch advocate for the implementation of attention scores at the bidder level to drive superior media outcomes. We believe that this innovation will empower advertisers with the insights needed to make more informed decisions, ensuring that every advertising dollar is optimally invested. Adelaide’s commitment to advancing the attention economy through tools like Flight Control aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

Andrew Baron, PubMatic’s SVP of Marketplaces and Addressability: “We’re thrilled to deepen our collaboration with Adelaide and see how a new innovative tool can empower our clients to effortlessly plan and buy high-attention media. Our continued partnership underscores our commitment to delivering quality ad experiences while maximizing value for consumers, brands, and publishers.”

Adam Brock, Strategic Partnerships Director at ViralGains: “We’re thrilled to partner with Adelaide and eagerly anticipate leveraging Flight Control for our clients. We have already seen the power of AU where we recently combined our proprietary artificial intelligence, VoiceAlike®, and AU data to increase lift in brand perception for a Finance client by nearly 300%.”

Peter Mason, CEO at Illuma: “Illuma believes in next-generation adtech signals, where optimizing towards outcomes must outweigh our dependency on legacy data concepts. One of these next-generation signals is attention. Adelaide continues to provide correlation between outcomes and attention, and Illuma is proud to provide insights into contexts that effectively drive advertiser outcomes.”

Billie Hirsh, Vice President, Marketing at Kargo: “As a launch partner, Kargo is able to provide our advertisers with rich attention data to boost their planning process. Attention data is proven to provide incremental lift in performance across a range of advertiser metrics, and we’re excited to work with Adelaide to bring these powerful insights to our customers.”

Brian Danzis, President, North America at Seedtag: “We are very excited to be part of this launch, strengthening our collaboration with Adelaide to enable our clients to get more return and convert more users for every dollar spent. Flight Control represents a paradigm shift in the advertising landscape, emphasizing the positive correlation that exists between high attention-driven placements and brand success. With this tool streamlining optimization, we’re set to help advertisers capture more attention.”

Marc Guldimann, Adelaide CEO & Co-founder, had the following to say: “It’s exciting to see how the market has reacted to more transparent media quality measurement—from the buy-side to the sell-side, we’re starting to see an ecosystem form around AU. Flight Control puts business outcomes at the core of the campaign lifecycle, allowing partners and advertisers to weave KPIs into media planning, analysis, and activation. We look forward to seeing how our clients leverage our solution to improve campaign performance and even transact on AU.”

This article originally appeared on Adelaide.