What Authentic Connection in Digital Advertising Really Means

In today’s digital landscape, where consumers seek authenticity amidst a sea of content, brands that prioritize genuine connection stand poised to not only capture attention but also cultivate loyalty. Thus, authentic connection in digital advertising isn’t just crucial—it’s the catalyst for building enduring connections that transcend screens and resonate in the hearts and minds of consumers. We tapped into the insights of our zero-party ad experts, renowned for their mastery in authentic engagement, to explore what authentic connection truly means to them, illuminating the path toward meaningful engagement in the digital age.

Erica’s Take: Authenticity is Listening, Learning, and Longevity in Customer Connection

“What authentic customer connection means to me is listening and learning and responding with value based on what you hear.  This value can be a direct solution to a need, or the desire to understand more based on your initial conversation.  Authentic consumer connection also implies longevity.  If you really care about your customers, you need to continue listening throughout the life of your relationship.   Goals change, needs change, industries change;  in order to build trust and become/remain a valued partner, constant communication is crucial. 

Erica Hogue, Account Director

Lauren’s Take: Authenticity is The Cornerstone of Genuine Consumer Engagement

At the heart of authentic consumer connection is trust. The ability to share, listen and adapt all hinge on a premise of shared trust and vulnerability. It keeps everyone accountable to one another and roots us all (brands and consumers) deeper in the human experience.”

Lauren Garcia, Account Director

Allie’s Take: Authenticity is Like A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

Thinking about authentic consumer connections, I think about this approach like a visit to the doctor. You would never expect your doctor to prescribe something without listening to what your needs are, would you? Isn’t the experience always better when you find a doctor who takes the time to listen to you & respects your time? The same can be said for building authentic connections with our consumers. If we ask questions to understand how they feel, what they want, and what they need, it allows us the opportunity to speak to their needs from a place of authenticity. This allows brands to help consumers who could most benefit from their brands or services – and ultimately builds a trusted relationship. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? 

Allie Lucchetti Jensen, Regional Vice President of Sales

Kendall’s Take: Authenticity is the Foundation of Meaningful Consumer Relationships

Authenticity should serve as the baseline connection between consumers and their brands. It requires acknowledging and valuing consumer responses– whether positive or negative– and utilizing them to make progress. In my opinion, the key to making a significant impact with consumers starts with being authentic and responsive in your approach.” 

Kendall Singer, Campaign Manager

Maura’s Take: Authenticity is All About Respectful Responsiveness

To me, authentic consumer connection truly boils down to respect. By giving someone the opportunity to share their voice, a brand is able to say “we care what you think.” In my opinion, brands have an opportunity and even a responsibility to react to that feedback by providing more value to that specific consumer. In some cases, that could mean with tailored offers or custom content, and in other cases that may mean moving along to someone who is a better fit for your brand. Either way, when played right, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Maura Giannattasio, Account Director

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