Bringing the Zero-Party Data Party to Dunkin’s DunKings’ Super Bowl LVIII Advertisement

Let’s be honest with ourselves here…do advertisers truly tune in for the game? Or do we tune in for the ads and the endless supply of beer and wings?

This year’s Super Bowl advertising efforts featured a plethora of celebrity cameos, repeat ads, movie trailers and…Temu (are we really going to be shopping like billionaires in 2024?)

After debriefing our thoughts, feelings, and reactions with our ViralGains zero-party data experts…one ad particularly caught our eye this season! Dunkin’s DunKings’ ad featured celebrities like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon,Tom Brady, and Jack Harlow. In the ad, Affleck promotes Dunkin’s new DunKing’s Menu including the actor’s signature order – an iced coffee with cream, sweet foam, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar (mmm!)

Speaking of sprinkle…we took it into our own hands to add a little bit of interactive spice to Dunkin’s creative to showcase how they could take their video even further in their post-Super Bowl digital campaigns. By integrating our new poll feature into Dunkin’s Super Bowl ad, the brand can gather valuable zero-party data about their consumers in real-time, while creating a fun and more personalized advertising experience for viewers.

The Poll Feature Explained 🦾

ViralGains’ newest poll survey feature offers a convenient, efficient, and effective way to collect valuable zero-party data from consumers, helping advertisers make informed decisions and optimize their marketing efforts directly in their advertisements!

The structured nature of these polls makes data analysis straightforward, enabling advertisers to draw clear conclusions and actionable insights from their digital ads. Moreover, the flexibility of poll surveys allows for customization to suit different campaign objectives and target audiences, enhancing their effectiveness in informing marketing strategies and decision-making processes.

Let’s See It In Action! 🚀

Dunkin advertisers can utilize our poll feature in this campaign by posing a simple question like “What product makes you feel like a Dunkin’ DunKing?” directly into their ad, transforming passive viewers into active participants, and creating a personalized experience directly tailored to individual preferences. 

Through viewer responses, Dunkin can then serve survey responders with personalized ads, recommending relevant products that suit their preferences. For example, survey responders who select “Sandwiches” will then be served a personalized product explorer ad, encouraging them to download Dunkin’s mobile app and discover their limited DunKings’ food items on their mobile menu.  This hyper-personalization not only enhances the viewer experience but also fosters deeper connections with the brand!

But Wait! There’s More! 🤗

By harnessing the zero-party data gleaned from these responses, Dunkin’ gains invaluable insights to fine-tune their ad targeting strategies. For example, advertisers can utilize the zero-party data gathered through their poll feature to understand what products customers are currently most interested in.

This precision targeting, rooted in customer preferences, ensures that future campaigns resonate even more profoundly with their audience  🙂

If you’re looking for a way to apply a zero-party data strategy to your digital advertising campaign, reach out to us at for a free proposal.

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