Revolutionizing Retail Pharmacy Marketing With Zero-Party Data

In the competitive landscape of retail pharmacy, a regional grocery chain faced the challenge of acquiring new customers for its pharmacy services. The solution? Crafting a strategic advertising campaign with three compelling messages and partnering with ViralGains to harness the power of zero-party data. This collaboration not only drove brand awareness but also significantly increased pharmacy acquisitions.

Driving Pharmacy Acquisitions with Zero-Party Data

The regional grocery chain set a clear goal: to acquire new pharmacy customers through targeted advertising. Their approach involved three key promotional messages: discounts on recurring prescriptions, free select maintenance medications or antibiotics and a flu shot promotion. The challenge was to figure out the most effective way to allocate their budget for maximum impact.

Leveraging ViralGains’ Unique Capabilities

To tackle the goal, the grocery chain partnered with ViralGains, drawn to its unique ability to orchestrate a full-funnel ad journey using zero-party data. The campaign aimed to:

  • Provide viewers with various call-to-actions, encouraging them to sign up for promotions or share the video with potential beneficiaries.
  • Drive brand awareness among key target audiences, including current customers of competitors.
  • Capture customer consideration through ViralGains’ Likert Survey Engagement Card.
  • Measure lift in consideration with ViralGains’ Brand Lift Study.
  • Re-engage high-consideration audiences with ads that drive sign-ups.

Before launching the campaign, the brand collaborated with ViralGains strategists to transform their videos into interactive experiences, capturing zero-party data and guiding viewers based on their sentiments or behaviors.

Orchestrating the Ad Journey

Post-Campaign Results

The collaboration yielded impressive results:

  • Key on-site actions like pharmacy sign-ups almost doubled after incorporating ViralGains’ High Consideration Audiences in a retargeting campaign.
  • Cost-per-Acquisition was 23% more efficient than the goal, with a 50% decrease by Q4.
  •  The campaign promoting discounted or free select medication  drove a 10 point lift in likelihood to switch prescription vs. control group and the Flu shot campaign drove 4 point lift in high likelihood to get a flu shot.
  • ViralGains collected over 35,500 survey responses, providing valuable insights.
  • Click-through rates from customers of top competitors exceeded average rates.

By leveraging customer input in real time, the regional grocery chain not only achieved its acquisition goals but also optimized its budget, proving that strategic partnerships and data-driven insights can reshape the landscape of retail pharmacy marketing.

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Chloe is the Marketing Associate at ViralGains, where she is responsible for supporting the company's marketing, social media, and advertising initiatives.

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