Reflecting on Client Partnerships, Marketing Insights, and Industry Trends in 2023

First and foremost, happy new year, Advertisers! As we navigate the new and intricate pathways 2024 brings forth, jotting down our goals, making our ins and outs lists, and reflecting on the experiences of the past year, our team at ViralGains has gathered some of our most thoughtful lessons learned in the advertising industry this past year on everything from impactful campaigns to overarching industry trends. 

Nurturing Success Through Client Collaborations

“From a business perspective, I think our most successful campaigns in 2023 have come from collaborative opportunities between us & our clients. I think of these relationships as a doctor & patient relationship; it would be irresponsible to simply throw out medications without understanding the concerns, illness, history, and any appropriate lifestyle changes. By connecting with our clients with collaborative conversations, we can understand their pain points, challenges & goals to make an informed recommendation to address those needs. This includes any “prescriptive” offering from the ViralGains platform alongside any “lifestyle changes” or advice we can share [that falls outside of our offering] to help our clients make the most of their campaign dollars and drive holistic success across the board.”  – Allie Luchetti Jensen, Regional Vice President of Sales

Insights from ANA’s Masters of Marketing Conference 2023

“In 2023 I had the chance to attend ANA’s Masters of Marketing conference, which highlighted a wealth of lessons to be learned by marketers. I was particularly taken by a session hosted by iHeartMedia on the findings of their recent report around the growing disconnect between marketers and consumers. 

For example, when surveying both consumers and marketers, 50% of consumers had never heard of an Aperol Spritz, while only 3% of marketers hadn’t heard of the beverage. This report dove into a variety of culturally relevant items and the findings were honestly surprising! This was a great reminder that while we as marketers think we have a pulse on what’s trendy or relevant, it might only be for a small subset of the audience we aim to reach. This is why it’s so important to not just guess, but have concrete data to backup decision-making around marketing campaign creation. Asking consumers about their preferences has never been more important. Otherwise, we marketers could really be missing the mark on what’s important or resonates with our audience.” – Kelsey Fritz, Marketing Manager

Embracing Mistakes, Mastering LinkedIn, and the Rise of Newsletters

“Reflecting on 2023, the first significant lesson is to embrace mistakes fearlessly. We’re at a time where everyone is testing & learning new technologies so waiting on the sidelines is just hurting you. Secondly, I used to be super intimidated by the evolution of LinkedIn over the past couple years and I’ve been able to find a nice, healthy balance to the point where I think I’m actually enjoying the network (especially compared to some of the others). Simple actions like liking a comment or engaging with a post can surprisingly grab attention more often than you think and can land you a meeting. Lastly, 2023 was the year of the newsletter. I find myself more and more subscribing to different substacks and continuously going back for more. I’m curious to see how the relationship between these platforms and their writers evolve over the next year.” – Adam Brock, Strategic Partnerships Director

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Chloe is the Marketing Associate at ViralGains, where she is responsible for supporting the company's marketing, social media, and advertising initiatives.

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