How This CPG Brand Boosted Purchase Intent with Zero-Party Data

Ah the holiday season –  A time for celebration, a time for gathering, and a time for indulging in the richness of festive delights. However, for the brands navigating the landscape of consumer packaged goods, the quest to stand out during the holiday season can be quite the challenge. 

Which is why it’s the perfect time to revisit a campaign where we helped a CPG brand successfully boost purchase intent. Let’s call this brand LuxeTable, a forward thinking CPG brand that joined forces with ViralGains to make a memorable mark on entertainers’ tables. Armed with four uniquely crafted video creatives, each casting a spotlight on diverse product lines, LuxeTable unlocked the power of zero-party data in their ads to navigate their consumer preferences and, in doing so, pinpoint the moments that held most sway over purchase intent.

So…How Did They Do This?

Driving Brand Engagement

ViralGains transformed LuxTable’s ordinary video ads into captivating interactive experiences. By incorporating a clickable logo, compelling call-to-action messaging, and engaging survey cards, the brand successfully guided around 7,000 individuals to explore their website

Understanding Customer Sentiment

LuxeTable teamed up with ViralGains to create an interactive two-way dialogue between their brand and target market. In doing so, LuxeTable extended an invitation for viewers to actively engage and converse with LuxeTable through an immersive Likert Survey experience embedded within the video ad. To measure purchase intent, the brand strategically posed the question, “How likely are you to purchase LuxeTable products in the future?” By harnessing the power of zero-party data, LuxeTable garnered thousands of survey responses by the end of their campaign, with 54% of respondents expressing a strong inclination to make a future purchase.

Personalizing the Experience

To personalize the brand experience for each viewer, ViralGains’ Finale Engagement Card changed based on survey response. For instance, if an individual rated their likeliness to purchase LuxeTable products in the future with 3 or more stars, they were directed to an image survey featuring delightful dinner recipes. Conversely, for those who provided 1-2 stars, LuxeTable showcased alternative product lines, opening the door to further exploration beyond the initially featured items in the video.

Post Campaign Results

As LuxeTable’s campaign wrapped, our stellar Campaign Managers delivered a beautifully packaged trove of actionable insights for the brand. Some standouts included:

  • ViralGains’s Brand Lift Study found that the brands videos drove a 12.5% increase in purchase intent vs. control
  • ViralGains pinpointed the creative that drove the highest brand lift and VCR among the four videos. This video featured a vibrant showcase of colorful product offerings which resonated most with consumers.  
  • VoiceAlike® Audiences emerged as true trailblazers, reporting an impressive 63% high purchase intent. This marked a substantial 16.7% higher relative lift compared to the prospecting line, which helped optimize LuxeTable’s campaign towards the most likely purchasers.

By fostering genuine two-way conversations and authentic advertising messaging through zero-party ads, LuxeTable not only stood out, but also seamlessly integrated into the aspirations and celebrations of their audience. The result was a brand that not only adorned tables, but also intricately embedded itself in the cherished moments of consumers.


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Chloe is the Marketing Associate at ViralGains, where she is responsible for supporting the company's marketing, social media, and advertising initiatives.

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