A Software Odyssey with Harini Kodey

Embarking on a professional journey in the software industry is a path filled with milestones, growth and countless opportunities for learning. For Harini Kodey, this journey began over a decade ago, and led her to her current role as our star Principle Quality Assurance Engineer. In this exclusive interview, Harini takes us on a journey through her remarkable career, sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between in the world of QAing.

Can you share a bit about your professional journey, and highlight key milestones that have led you to your current role as a principal QA engineer at ViralGains? 

With a total of 10+ years of Software QA professional experience in diverse organizations, my journey at ViralGains commenced in 2016 as a QA Engineer, it has been a transformative path marked by significant milestones that have shaped my career progression to the role of Principal QA Engineer. From the very start, I delved deep into understanding the intricacies of the AdTech domain and ViralGains’ specific requirements which focus on the voice of customer ad journeys and zero party data. I Implemented a range of quality assurance methodologies tailored to our product’s unique needs, with only the objective of consistently delivering high-quality results. Through continuous learning, I remained up-to-date on industry trends that further enhanced my skills and expertise. As I took QA leadership roles and responsibilities within the organization, with the invaluable support of the management team, I successfully mentored and led testing initiatives that implemented custom automation frameworks, and drove crucial QA process improvements that significantly boosted efficiency and effectiveness. These milestones have not only propelled my growth and development at ViralGains but have also established me as a valuable contributor in the software industry.

How would you describe the crucial role of quality assurance (QA) in the software development process?

Quality assurance (QA) plays a vital role in the software development process by ensuring that the software meets the necessary quality standards and works as per the clients or product requirements. It is responsible for identifying and preventing defects at an early stage, validating software requirements, and conducting thorough testing. QA promotes continuous integration and testing to maintain stability, evaluates performance and security, and enhances usability and user experience. It actively manages and tracks bugs, collects feedback for continuous improvement, and optimizes processes to deliver dependable software. By fulfilling these responsibilities, QA guarantees the production of high-quality software, reduces risks, and enhances customer satisfaction.

As a QA engineer, what are some of the most common challenges you encounter, and what strategies or techniques do you employ to overcome them effectively?

Common challenges for QA engineers include ambiguous requirements, time constraints, changing requirements, test environment/data management, and limited access to the production environment. To overcome these challenges, QA engineers employ strategies such as close collaboration with stakeholders, prioritization of critical functionalities, agile testing methodologies, effective communication, test automation tools, modular test scripts, regression test selection techniques, and controlled testing in production-like environments.

Throughout your time at ViralGains, what aspects of your work have you found most rewarding or enjoyable?

First and foremost, the culture of transparency that exists across teams, which is exemplified by strong leadership. This transparency fosters open communication, trust, and collaboration, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. Furthermore, I got an opportunity to tackle challenging problems. The opportunity to analyze complex scenarios, identify potential issues, and devise innovative solutions is intellectually stimulating and provides a sense of accomplishment. Contributing to the overall quality of the product is another source of my enjoyment. Collaborating with product and development engineering teams which continually helped expand my knowledge brought a great satisfaction. Lastly, being acknowledged for the value of my contributions and actively embracing opportunities for personal growth are deeply meaningful to me.

From your experience in the engineering field, what advice would you give to individuals who aspire to pursue a career in engineering?

I pursued my dream of working in the software industry abroad by seizing every opportunity that came my way. Whether it is a startup or a multinational corporation, what truly matters is the passion and the quality of work. In the world of software engineering, there are countless opportunities to explore and make a significant impact. To embark on a fulfilling career in software engineering, begin by nurturing your aspirations. Lay a robust foundation, acquire practical experience, and stay abreast of technological advancements. Place a premium on quality and testing, foster problem-solving prowess, and excel in collaboration and communication. Network with industry professionals, showcase your soft skills, fuel your passion, and maintain a curious mindset. Above all, demonstrate unwavering persistence and resilience. By embracing these principles, you’ll chart a successful course in the ever-evolving landscape of software engineering.

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