From Summer to Seasonal: Planning Targeted Holiday Campaigns

As the summer months unfold, for advertisers the holiday season looms on the horizon, presenting a golden opportunity for brands to dazzle new customers, skyrocket sales, and forge lasting bonds with their clientele. In a world where third-party data in advertising is becoming increasingly unpopular, it’s imperative for brands to get creative and explore alternative strategies to bring fresh faces through their doors while nurturing existing ones. But, where should advertisers start? 

Let’s consider the imaginary brand UrbanAura. UrbanAura is a trendy skincare brand that embraces Gen Z’s urban lifestyle and offers products specifically designed to combat the effects of city living and pollution. Here’s how UrbanAura could leverage zero-party data in their holiday advertising efforts to attract and  nurture customers all in one.

Prior to the official holiday campaign launch, UrbanAura could run a survey within either a display or video ad that targets Gen Z city dwellers, asking viewers whether they are a current customer of UrbanAura (see below). This will help them create two audiences – New Customers & Existing Customers – to better target their holiday campaigns.

Attracting New Customers

For those that answered they were not a current customer, UrbanAura could target them with a holiday campaign consisting of a fun video ad containing an interactive multiple choice survey. The survey would prompt viewers with a question about their biggest skincare challenges related to urban living, such as protecting their skin from pollution, dealing with city-induced stress, finding products suitable for humid urban environments, and balancing the effects of air conditioning or heating. 

Based on responders’ answers, UrbanAura could then serve them a dynamic personalized explorer survey that showcases UrbanAura’s finest solutions tailored to address each individual’s unique skincare preferences. From there, customers could conveniently shop remedies for specific skincare troubles directly within the ad. Check it out for yourself!

By obtaining real-time customer insights, Urban Aura could dynamically display content in their ads that caters specifically to viewers’ needs, ensuring a more relevant, authentic, and engaging advertising experience, all while being privacy-compliant.

Nurturing Existing Customers

Now to strengthen the relationship with existing customers, UrbanAura could also utilize our Likert scale survey to personalize the holiday ad journey for this audience as well. For example, using the current customer audience built from the pre-holiday campaign survey, UrbanAura could ask how customers are feeling about their skin since using UrbanAura products. Highly satisfied and engaged customers who answer a “4” or a “5” could be targeted with loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and upselling opportunities to further enhance their loyalty and encourage continued engagement. 

On the other hand, dissatisfied customers who answer a “1” or “2” could be served a follow up survey within the same ad to gather more detailed feedback about what type of products they used. By doing so, UrbanAura could then use these insights to strategize around future marketing for these types of products, or even provide valuable feedback to the product team at UrbanAura.

By using zero-party data in their advertising strategies, brands can effectively captivate new shoppers, foster and strengthen existing connections, and strategically plan for the upcoming holiday season.

Segmenting customers based on past purchases, engagement with interactive content, or expressed preferences, allows brands to deliver personalized ads or offers to encourage repeat purchases and upselling during the influential holiday season. The insights gained from zero-party data optimization ensures that holiday campaigns reach the right audience with the most relevant messaging and offers. This zero-party data approach to advertising allows brands to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, maximizing their marketing impact and overall business growth.


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