Dating and Advertising Have More in Common Than You Think!

Let’s be real…it’s no secret that advertising has a relationship problem. Brands utilize their advertising efforts to seek out, and connect with potential customers with the goal of building a relationship that lasts. However, in our current market, consumers have higher expectations from the brands they love most, and expect more personalized advertising experiences that actually cater to their specific needs and interests. Yet the question still remains, how can brands curate an authentic and engaging advertising experience for their consumers all while building a relationship that lasts? Luckily for brands and consumers, the answer is simple – by using zero-party data.

Think of gathering zero-party data as going on a first date with your audience. 

Just like a first date, collecting zero-party data requires brands to be respectful, curious, and listen to the needs and desires of their audience. On a first date, it’s typical to ask an individual questions and actively listen to their answers in order to learn more about their interests, values, and personality. Similarly, collecting zero-party data in ads involves asking your audience for information directly, such as with an in-ad survey, and then using that information to tailor your marketing messages to them accordingly.  By doing so, marketers can gain valuable insights into their audiences, while also creating an enhanced experience for the consumer. 

It’s important to understand that collecting zero-party data also requires both transparency and consent from the consumer. Without these elements, the relationship (and data collection) can quickly turn sour, risking a loss of consumer trust and unfortunately that second date. By treating data collection as a two-way conversation with their audience brands can establish a relationship with their customers, which can lead to greater consumer loyalty and increased revenue in the long run.

So, how can advertisers properly “date” their audience? 

It’s a simple answer – turn your ads into a conversation. Include interactive elements like multiple choice questions or Likert surveys within your ads to gauge what the viewer is interested in, rather than serving them targeted ads based on information that’s a result of them being followed around the internet. There’s nothing worse than being on a date where someone lets something slip that clearly came from some pre-date social media stalking. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say a major online dating app wants to personalize the brand experience for their audience, without being creepy. Let’s call this dating app Authentic Connector. By utilizing our ViralGains Odyssey™ platform, Authentic Connector could incorporate a multiple choice survey in their ads to ask consumers what’s most important to them in a dating app. By answering a question like this, consumers are voluntarily sharing this information and Authentic Connector can then use this zero-party data to build segmented audiences, adjust their marketing messaging and creative based on the top answers, and tailor future ads and messaging to the consumer’s specific interests and preferences. 

Ultimately, if advertisers embraced more of a dating approach in their ad strategies, they’d create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their customers, leading to increased brand awareness, customer retention, and potential sales. It’d be a match made in marketing heaven. 

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